Mid-Year Updates and #BLM

by Dori @DemonbabeTM on twitter

Black Lives Matter

I know I’ve waited a while to make a post about this on here, but if you follow me on social media you’ve noticed that I have been retweeting and sharing about it. I wanted to sit back listen and learn before I made a post to see where I a white twenty-something disabled woman could do. I am not able to go out and be apart of the protests due to COVID-19, but I am able to do things from home.

If you know who the creator of this one is please let me know.

I have found several ways to do this thanks to this Black Lives Matter list it is updated every few days with ways to donate, petitions to sign, etc. I also saw Anthony Mackie on the Jimmy Fallon show talking about race and how he wants to get a million black men signed up to vote via his website iamaman.vote. Now one of the other big ways we can all help besides voting, signing petitions, and protesting, is to put our money into black businesses and by also supporting Black authors. My Instagram has a story highlights for black authors and I’ll keep adding it as I find more.

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