Blog Tour | My Name Is Rose by Alexa Kingaard | Book Review

Blog Tour | My Name Is Rose by Alexa Kingaard | Book Review
Blog Tour | My Name Is Rose by Alexa Kingaard | Book Review

Title: My Name Is Rose

Author: Alexa Kingaard

Publisher: Acorn

Published Date: March 15th, 2019

Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age

Source: Xpresso Book Tours

Rating: ★ ★ ★


Rose is unsettled, curious, and bored. Life in a hippie commune is her parent’s dream come true, not hers. She doesn’t share their passion for living off the land, nor does she enjoy the isolation that is thrust upon her. When she convinces them to send her to public school in the nearby town, a new world opens up to her.

As she pursues her education, Rose chooses a different path, leaving her parents heartbroken at her insistence they are hiding something from her. She’s convinced her father isn’t the man her mother married.

Although she finds love far away from her roots and upbringing, her wounds only deepen as she keeps her family at arm’s length. What she loses during those years can only be retrieved with her understanding that “a Rose by any other name is still a Rose.”

My Review:

<b>Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for an e-copy.</b>
My Name is Rose follows Rose throughout her childhood in into her mid 30’s. We get to see her life change drastically as she grows up. From heartbreak about a boy, she likes to learn the truth about her parents it is an emotional roller coaster.
Rose is a curious child from the beginning and she’s not particularly fond of her parent’s lifestyle living off the grid. In fact, she hates it for the most part and can’t wait to graduate and be able to go off to college somewhere far away. Little does she knows that her choice to leave takes her on a path that was similar to her mom’s if certain things hadn’t of happened.

Overall I found this book to be enjoyable. I was expecting it to be more about her life as a teenager and early college years, and while those things were covered the book continued on far past that. We truly get to see Rose grow up and change as her life evolves. She goes from being the stubborn childhood to the parent who makes tough decisions and loves her children dearly. One constant throughout her life is this mystery that she feels about who her dad could be. She has always called one person dad, while in fact thinking someone else was actually her dad. This all started when she was young and learned how eye color worked and started to get curious. By Rose not letting go of who her dad could be it causes a divide in the family that isn’t fixed for far too long.

While this book does have a happy ending I did feel slightly mislead with it being considered a YA book as the vast majority is actually spent in Rose’s adult life.

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